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How to fix your electric gate (Electric gate troubleshooting)

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How to fix your electric gate (Electric gate troubleshooting)

Electric gates are a necessary addition to anyone who wants to protect his family or business property. They accompany their owners for many years. However, as with any other electrical device, an electric gate can have some serious or severe malfunctions. Purchasing a gate in a reliable company together with a complete warranty will give you an address to contact. As soon as the problem appears, it is recommended that you contact the company’s service department and ask them for troubleshoot the problem. It may be a simple technical glitch that is caused by an incorrect activation of the gate, or alternatively a complex malfunction that requires spare parts and a technician visit.

Proper maintenance of electrical gates, as well as any other electric device is based on early diagnosis of malfunctions. As soon as there is a first diagnosis of improper activity, an unusual response of the engine or penetration of water into the electrical device (engine or control box), taking care of the malfunction must be first priority. A quick response can reduce the damage done and lessen financial expenditure. In order to assist gate owners with initial diagnosis of malfunctions, we present details about common problems that may occur for electric gate owners.

Electric Gate

Gate engine malfunctions

The electrical mechanism that operates the gate is its weak point. Most of the problems in activating the gates originate in the electrical engine’s failures. The problem is very common among old electrical gate openers that were installed about 10 years ago. It is important to note that the engine has a certain maximum lifetime, after 10 years of daily activity, the natural wear-off is already disrupting the engine’s activity. Engine faults are expressed in gates that do not close or open properly or in gates that do not respond at all to the operator’s instruction.

Engine malfunctions requires a professional who is well acquainted with the mechanism. Modern motors can be repaired in cases where the problem is not widespread. When it comes to old engines, the solution will be based in most cases on replacing the old engine with a new one. With the replacement of the engine, the gate will return to its proper activities and will serve the members of the household for at least 10 more years, depending on the engine’s quality.

Gate opener fails or access control malfunctions

When the electrical gate is not opened or closed properly, it may be a glitch in the Command board’s operation. Fixing the problem is based on the technician’s familiarity with the control Panel and its common problems. Here too there are cases where the existing board can be repaired, or in some cases where it will be required to replace the circuit board.

External damage caused to the gate and its operating mechanism

Car accidents, tree collapse, and vandalism will result in damage to the gate structure and operating mechanisms. In such cases, the solution is also expressed in an external repair of the gate structure. The work is carried out by the use of welding and handling the gates doors or hinges.

Electric gate repair company in Portland, OR

Repair of electrical gates is best done by experienced and certified professional like Safe Haven electric gates team of expert technicians. Use of suitable spare parts, familiarity with the engine and command panel, suitable tools and response speed, these are the factors that will return the electric gate to normal activity ASAP.

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